'Canal Presents... Chaos Rehearsals, Réplica & Frot the World'
Reading & discussion
Montez Press Radio [2022]
Canal Book Tour [2022]
'Frot the World'
Short fiction collection
[Canal, 2022]
'A Secret? How Old-Fashioned!'
Short fiction in Sticky Fingers’ FDBNHLLLTTFPARODY [2022]
'guard the delight'
Soundwork & seating
Part of 'Chaos Rehearsals' at SLUG, Leipzig [2022]
'Organs in Amber'
Short fiction for Stages [2021]

Soundwork at Liverpool Biennial [2021]
Exhibition and events programme in collaboration with Madeleine Stack, Rebekah Kosonen Bide and Mariana Echeverri
Outer Space, Australia [2020]
'god’s gloryhole'
Performance with Madeleine Stack
SLUG, Leipzig [2022]
Essay-poem in Canal magazine issue 2 [2019]
Soundwork on Montez Press Radio [2020]
'Ocular Offal, Chromatic Cannibals'
Experimental essay for Extra Extra [2019]
'Skinned' and 'Detouched'
[Motto Books & Eastside Projects, 2018]
Book, performances, soundwork
Soundwork by Fer Boyd & Alice Channer [2018]
'A Theory for the Strange-Girl: Raw Red Text'
pamphlet, live events, sound
'blueflame backwater'
Short fiction and soundwork
No Bounds Radio [2022]
'gilding the rim'
Performance with Madeleine Stack
FORMA, London [2023]
'Sever Babylon'
Winner of The Space Crone Prize for speculative and science short fiction awarded by Silver Press and The Ursula K. Le Guin Literary Trust.
Published on Granta [2023]
Bilingual compilation of short fiction and poetry
[Canal, 2023]
'guarda el deleite'
Performance & exhibition
with Madeleine Stack
Clubs; Art a la Pista,
Barcelona [2023]
'Interjections on the future'
BBC Radio 4, produced by
Sara Rahman [13 February 2024]
Guest Projects, London [1 - 29 June 2018]
Residency and performance programme with Ruta Dumciute, and collaborators Leyla Pillai, Madeleine Stack, Eunjung Kim
& PO$$€ dance and reading.
El mundo que estamos construyendo también debe ser inevitable
The world we are making must also seem inevitable
MACBA, Barcelona [2024]